Assembly and Test

Cable and harnesses


Top level assemblies

Cable and Harness

Process Development

Manufacturing process instruction development
Manufacturing tooling design
Flexible and responsive production lines
Prototype, pre-production and production
Quality Assurance plan development and implementation
Turn-key material planning, procurement and kitting
Box-build and custom pack-out
Wire harness design production and assembly

Connectors and Custom Components

In house design, and tooling abilities for high speed stamping, molding and custom assembly

​Located in the USA
Design: connectors, custom products, injection molds, progressive stamping dies
Tooling: Design & Build tooling for molding and stamping
Molding: connectors as well as any small component in a variety of materials including Nylon, PBT, PPS, and LCP
Stamping: high speed metal stamps, items for electronics, connectors, toy & consumer markets

Machine and Milling

Various materials, finishes, and machining operations 

Located in the USA
Capabilities include: Prototype Development, Engineering rework, Machine component repair, CCA/PWA rework
Current Specialties: 3D machining, 3 Axis machined parts
Equipment includes: Hurco VM1
New tools on order: New lathe capabilities along with 4 and 5 axis
Expansion plans for 2015/2016: In-house grinding, EDM


Low Volume, Quick Turn to High Volume Fabrication and Assembly

Locations include USA, Europe and Asia
PCB Quick Turn capabilities:  PCB up to 12 layer in 24 hours, up to 36 layer in 72 hours, Flex 1 & 2 Layer in 24 hours, Rigid Flex in 48 hours
PCB Standard Capabilities: 48+ Layers, Impedance Control +/- 2.5%, SMT Pitch .010, Laser HDI Finished .003, Buried & Blind Via, .003 / .003 Line Width & Spacing, Minimum Drilled Hole .0098, Aspect Ration 15 to 1, Finished Thickness +/- 7%
Material Types: FR4 Tg 140, GETEK, Polyimide, RoHS Materials, FR4 Tg 170, Rogers, Duroid, Exotic Materials
Flex & Rigid-Flex Standard capabilities: Up to 30 layers Flex, Staggered Layer Flex, Blind and Buried Via, Book Binder

PCB Layout

Controlled Impedance, RF, Backplanes, High Speed Design, Optical Boards, Flex and Rigid Flex

Over 185 combined years of cutting edge industry experience our partner can bring your product to market faster. They employ only Senior Designers who have spent many years honing their skills using leading design platforms and utilizing the latest in technologies.
​Tools used in layout include:  ​Cadence, PADS PowerPCB, Altium Designer, Veribest, Expedition
Common architectures and design capabilities are: cPCI, PCI, PCIx, PCIe, VME, VMX, GTL, AGP, DDR1, DDR2, AMC

Specialty Materials

Sapphire Carriers – 100mm to 159mm

Silicon Wafers – 4″, 6″, 8″ wafers