Page One Solutions: Providing your One Stop Solution in the Field of Semiconductors

Building Relationships

At Page One Solutions we know finding the right service and materials is the backbone of your business, which is why we offer innovative, mission-critical solutions that offer you better availability, improve efficiency, and offer flexible solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. Page One Solutions is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the products we help you source, the manufacturers we partner with, and to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you. 

“Page One Solutions [has expanded our partnerships and now] carries Silicon, Sapphire, and GaAs wafers"

Why choose Page One Solutions? Page One Solutions is not just a company to provide wafers and carriers. We are here to meet with, listen to and help solve problems that arise in the semiconductor field.

What specialty materials do we provide?

Page One Solutions carries Silicon, Sapphire, and GaAs wafers with varying thicknesses, diameters, SSP and DSP, notched, prime and test. Due to the nature of the semiconductor field and custom fabrications that are constantly in production, we are able to offer more materials. Please inquire below.

Memberships and Accreditations